How To Avoid The Broken Fly Top Blues

Posted by Bob W. on 22nd Apr 2015

It always seems to happen on a fishing trip that is in a far away isolated place.

Yikes, my tip top is broken! Hey, did I remember to put my spare rod in my case? Is your buddy using your spare rod because his favorite rod is now a distant memory along with the ceiling fan that he tore off and threw out the back door? Did the car door or the very friendly Labrador eat your rod tip?

These are some of my favorite things that happen to rod tips on any trip.

Most of the time the tip top will get dinged enough that just the tip top itself is missing. The broken tip top accounts for maybe 90% of damage done to 'Favorite' rods. Even if the section is broken down to the first guide, you will still be able to 'Fix' your rod with our Travel Tip Top Repair Kit.

The kit contains four of the most common sizes for either freshwater or saltwater fly rods. Also included in the kit is the Flex Coat thermal tip top cement, so all you have to do is provide the lighter. Heat of bit of the thermal cement, coat the tip section (after dry fitting the right tip top) and slide onto the blank.

Voila! You most likely will never be able to feel any casting difference, until you start to get near the first running guide. This fix will get you up and running right away and you won't miss a beat or in our case, a cast.

Check them out at Freshwater Fly Tip Top Travel Repair Kit. The cost of the kit in only $7.95 with Free Ground shipping in US.