Advanced Custom Rod Building

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Advanced Custom Rod Building

Author: Dale Clemens
Book Description: Softcover, 168 b/w + 29 color illustrations; 8x11 inches, 348 pgs.

Clemen's shares his expertise for building every kind of rod, from ultralight, fly, surf & offshore trolling rods. Utilizing the explanations & illustrations, rod builders can design, build & embellish rods to suit their particular desires & needs.

This best selling book has been completely updated, revised, and expanded. Everything from beginning to end was re-evaluated. The newest improved methods are described and much new material has been added. Basically, the book has been rewirtten and delves deeply into advanced techniques for every conceivable type of rod.

A basic understanding is given on how graphite and fiberglass blanks are made. A detailed section follows on how you can modify action and predict results when trimming blanks. Separate chapters cover Reel Seats, Grips and Handles, and Handle Assemblies. Between them, every functional (as well as cosmetic) aspect of handles is covered. There are a lot of new and valuable techniques in this section that will teach you how to make outstanding custom rods.

Complete and current data is given on all the well-known guides, including Vicker's Hardness and thermal conductivity of all ring materials. The author personally weighed every guide (in grains) and measured the height of the ring above the blank, the inside ring diameter, and the length of the guide feet (degree of restrictiveness imparted to the rod). All of this extremely important information is present in tables, so that you can creatively design the action of a particular blank as explained in the text.

Because wrapping is so popular, step-by-step instructions for advanced wraps have been given. Covered are multi-thread guide wraps, single thread inlays, "amazing wraps", etc. Even more detail is provided on decorative butt wraps and a partial list would include:
* Double Diamonds
* Multiple Chevrons
* Single Four Diamonds
* Line of Diamonds
* Split Center Diamonds
* Snakeskin Patterns
* Tartan Plaids
* Maltese Cross
* How to weave a name in thread

An entire chapter explains all sorts of rod building tools that you can make. A few of these are: Rod wrapping jigs, roller assemblies, thread tension devices, powered wrappers and rod building lathes.