CTS Quartz CrystalGlass™ fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks

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CTS Quartz CrystalGlass™ fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks

Available in 5 models & 2 colors: Lemon Drop & Olive
All models are 4 pc design & include a cloth rod sock.

The all new Quartz fiberglass fly rod blank, featuring the proprietary CTS CrystalGlass™ fiberglass.
Perfect for casting in tight situations and when a lighter presentation is required, yet still with enough power to handle bigger fish.
CrystalGlass™ is an extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity.
It’s fiberglass like you’ve never seen before – light, lively and brilliantly flawless.

These crisp and accurate fiberglass fly rod blanks are responsive and powerful,
while being beautifully delicate and smooth.  So delicate, you’ll want to cast it all day.


Made in the CTS factory in Auckland New Zealand.


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