Flex Coat Small Business Start-Up Kit

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Flex Coat Small Business Start Up Kit

This kit has the tools, supplies, and instructional materials you need to start a small business
building and repairing custom rods. Earn extra money, keep your equipment in tip-top shape, and
get inside fishing information from your customers: the expert fishermen who purchase custom rods
and have rods repaired in your shop. You can trade rod repair services or custom rods for fishing trips
with local guides.This complete start up kit will save you $$$.

This kit includes:

  • 1 – Flex Coat Professional Hand Rod Wrapper
  • 1 – Flex Coat Professional Finishing Motor 18rpm, 120VAC
  • 1 – Flex Coat Step By Step Rod Fly Rod Building Book
  • 1 – Flex Coat Rod Building “How We Do It” DVD
  • 1 – Flex Coat High Build 2 oz. kit with two syringes
  • 1 – Flex Coat Epoxy Glue 4 oz. kit
  • 1 – Flex Coat Tip Top Adhesive
  • 1 – Flex Coat Guide Foot Adhesive
  • 1 – Flex Coat Utility Knife with 6 extra blades
  • 1 – Flex Coat Reamer Abrasive (12 ft. roll)
  • 1 – Flex Coat Thread and Line Clippers
  • 10 – Flex Coat Finishing Brushes
  • 10 – Flex Coat Mixing Cups & Stick

NOTE: This item is shipped directly from Flex Coat to you.