Struble "Plain Label" U24 Uplocking Nickel Reel Seat Skeleton

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Struble U24 Nickel Reel Seat Skeleton

"Plain-Label" Model
U24Before Struble stopped making reel seats in 2012, the Model 24 was the top-selling seat, which is why the design has been duplicated by a host of companies. We are in-process of reintroducing the Struble Model 24 with a few refinements; however, these are not it...In the course of this project, we purchased some of the uplocking copies and had them plated in bright nickel here in Colorado to help us envision the design of the new Struble Model 24; that's what these are.

We're now offering these copies as a "Plain Label" U24. Why "Plain Label?" Because these are available to most anyone from many different sources and given many names. They're like the peas your mom used to buy in the store with a white label and "PEAS" in bold, black, lettering: They do the same job as the fancy-label peas, they just cost less.

Oh, and one last thing...These seats are in the standard .640 diameter, which actually is a little unusual for the copies, and will fit our standard Model 20 inserts.

These are specially priced and when they're gone, they're gone.





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