Trimming a Graphite Tip Section

Posted by Bob W. on 24th Aug 2015

Trimming or cutting a graphite/carbon fiber tip top is sometimes necessary if you don't want your tip section taller than your mid or butt sections of your rod. We recommend that you trim the tip sect … read more

The Three Most Common Mistakes In Fly Rod Building

Posted by Bob W. on 19th Jun 2015

THE THREE MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN FLY ROD BUILDINGDuring my career in custom fly rod building, I have seen some of the strangest and ill conceived custom builds that will boggle the imagination. Heck, … read more

Repairing A Split Ferrule

Posted by Bob W. on 18th May 2015

How To Repair A Split Female FerruleSometimes because of age or misuse or an improper fit, a female ferrule may become split and if not repaired quickly, the split will increase through the length of … read more

How To Avoid The Broken Fly Top Blues

Posted by Bob W. on 22nd Apr 2015

It always seems to happen on a fishing trip that is in a far away isolated place.Yikes, my tip top is broken! Hey, did I remember to put my spare rod in my case? Is your buddy using your spare rod bec … read more