Xacto Blade versus Surgical Blade

Posted by Bob W. on 15th Mar 2015

Although both the X-Acto knife and the #10 Scalpel blade do the job of trimming thread ends, I prefer the surgical blade as the thinner blade makes the scalpel a bit more flexible than the X-Acto whic … read more

To Spine or Not to Spine

Posted by Bob W. on 10th Mar 2015

Spining or Finding The Guide Side of a Rod BlankThis simple process has caused much confusion and debate within the rod building community. Understanding why there is such a thing in the first place m … read more

Plugging Fiberglass Blanks

Posted by Bob W. on 22nd Feb 2015

Whether you decide that plugging a glass blank is right for you and you think that it doesn't matter, or that you've heard all sorts of things about fiberglass wall thickness integrity or moisture pre … read more

Guides! What a Grind!

Posted by Bob W. on 28th Jan 2015

Guides! What a Grind!There are some parts of rod building that are considered boring and tedious. One of them is grinding guide feet. Yawn...But, if you are spending a lot of time and money to make yo … read more

Epic Bandit Blanks In Stock

Posted by Bob W. on 22nd Jan 2015

We have received our recent order from Epic which included Bandit blanks. We have only a couple left!Get yours now! … read more