Custom Rod Thread Art

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Custom Rod Thread Art by Dale P. Clemens

  • Ideal as a book for beginner rod building, especially for fly fishing beginners
  • Guides the reader through making rod wraps with fishing rod blanks and fishing rod building
  • Useful with building wrap, rod wraps, and photo wrapping paper

Rod thread art, whether it is subtle or more noticeable, illuminates the personality and taste of the angler. It also highlights the beauty of a custom-made rod. As the author and expert rod maker Dale P. Clemens says, “Hand a person a custom-made rod, and in almost every instance one of the first things he looks at is the decorative thread work.”

Whether you are decorating a deep sea fishing rod, bamboo fly rod blanks, fly rods that were on sale, a rhino fishing rod, or another fishing rod, this book will be useful for you. Clemens leads the readers through the steps of making thread art. His detailed descriptions are clear and include organizational tips to streamline your progress. A large collection of beautiful and inspiring pictures are also included with precise instructions for wrapping and weaving. This guide pairs well with rod building guides if you choose to make one completely on your own.

Custom Rod Thread Art is a authoritative introduction to the basics of thread work on round surfaces and includes over 100 rod art patterns that are easily applicable to advanced hobbyists and professionals. This guide belongs on a fisher’s bookshelf next to guides on fishing books for beginners, fishing rod blanks building, deep sea fishing guides, fly fishing beginner books, and more.

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