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Ferrule Plugs Bulk Pack (100pcs) for Graphite and Glass Blanks

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100 Ferrule Plugs for Graphite and Glass Blanks

Used for creating a moisture/dirt seal in the male ends of the blanks. Plugs are 3/4"L:

  • 20 each of the 3/8" (.375|10mm top OD) to 1/4" (.250|6mm bottom OD)
  • 40 each of the 1/4" (.250|6mm top OD) to 1/8" (.125|3mm bottom OD)
  • 40 each of the 3/16" (.187|5mm top OD) to 1/16" (.062|1.5mm bottom OD)

Images for installing ferrule plugs:

First, make sure the inside of the ferrule is clean.


Dry fit the rubber ferrule plug for correct size and then glue in with a 2 part epoxy adhesive.



After letting the plug dry, use a razor blade to slice through the rubber ferrule plug.


You can sand the end of the ferrule plug with a Scotch-Brite pad or similar to smooth the edges.


Save your cut pieces for future use.



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