MicroWave 12/6 Fly Rod Stripping Guide 'Line Control System'

$10.99 - $15.59
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MicroWave 12/6 Stripping Guide 'Line Control System'

This new MW12 guides are the most advanced 'Ultramodern' line control systems of all time.
They incorporate award wining MicroWave Line Control Technology with snagless frame designs and new
dimensions to provid the ultimate in rod line management improving both angler and rod performance.

  • Large guide-12mm secondary guide 6mm
  • Strong 316SS frames
  • Available w/Nanolite or Duralite rings (Nanolite is a even harder ceramic than the very durable Duralite)
  • Frames available in Chrome or TiON Titanium finish



  • Bottom of the foot to bottom of the ring ID: 8.65mm
  • Bottom of the foot to top of ring ID: 12.75mm
  • Total guide height: 18.15mm