RBS PRO G2 Power Wrapper

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  • RBS PRO G2 Power Wrapper
  • RBS PRO G2 Power Wrapper
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RBS PRO G2 Power Wrapper

The RBS-Pro Power Wrapper and Dryer features a Heavy Duty precision machined aircraft grade aluminum headstock and chuck. With both concave and convex chuck teeth the RBS-Pro securely holds a wide range of rod blanks and mandrels across the full RPM range. The face of the chuck features indexing in 15 degree increments for those builders spiral wrapping custom rods or laying out thread art designs.

The RBS-Pro Power Wrapper and Dryer offers a power control knob allowing the builder to adjust the speed while getting a digital voltage readout to allow for setting repeatability. The builder not only has power adjustment at their fingertips but the unit features an electric foot pedal that drive the power wrapper. The power is delivered to the chuck via stepped aluminum pulleys, allowing four different speed and torque configurations. Two drive belt options are included.

What would all this power be without control and adjustment? The motor plate on the CRB RBS-Pro is fully adjustable to allow the builder to make fine adjustments to the belt tension and alignment throughout the life of the unit.

  • Digital voltage readout
  • Indexing chuck head
  • Adjustable motor plate
  • Made with quality components
  • Built-in Dryer with speeds of 12 RPM and 8 RPM




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