Splitting Cane: Conversations with Bamboo Rodmakers

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Splitting Cane: Conversations with Bamboo Rodmakers by Ed Engle

"It's about time someone wrote a book about bamboo fly rods, not as works of art or as elements of an ongoing tradition (although they can certainly be that) but as the fishing tools they were always meant to be. And Ed was just the guy to do it. He understands and appreciates the romance and heritage behind these rods, but he's also a practical fisherman who-first and foremost-expects a fly rod to cast well. This is the best kind of book: one that grew naturally out of the author's interest, knowledge, and enthusiasm." --John Gierach

"Reading each chapter of Splitting Cane is much like opening a rod tube containing a fine bamboo rod. The rod and its maker come to life with the removal of the cap and the turn of each page. This book and the rod have been holding their breath, just waiting to be opened." --A.K. Best

  • Interviews with 16 contemporary rodmakers
  • Tips on caring for a bamboo rod

    The old-school bamboo fly-fishing rod, with its irresistibly warm, natural, and romantic tradition, is explored through conversations with 16 bamboo rodmakers. Profiled in the book are Mike Clark of South Creek, Ltd.; Walt Carpenter; John Bradford; Jim Hidy; Homer Jennings; Joe Arguello; Jeff Wagner; Charlie and Steven Jenkins; Glenn Brackett and the R.L. Winston Rod Company; Ted Knott; George Maurer; Robert Gorman; Bernard Ramanauskas; Dwight Lyons; Don Schroeder; and Carl-Johan Anderberg. The author test-casted the rods and then interviewed the makers to get the story behind each rod's making. The in-depth stories, along with clear, detailed descriptions of bamboo rods, and a chapter on rod-making basics make this an excellent read for all who appreciate a fine bamboo rod.

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